[Moving to Lukang] GALABENSA – A Breakfast shop’s street corner transition

Facebook page: 旮旯楍卅[碳烤吐司 早午餐]
Address: No.470, Sec.1 Lucao Road, Lukang Township, Changhua County
Tel. no.: 04 778 0838
Business hours: 6:00~13:00 Monday to Sunday

Many people struggle with the pronunciation of “旮旯楍卅 (GALABENSA),” but if you refer to it as “the four-character, hard-to-pronounce charcoal-grilled toast place” in Lukang, you’ll most likely get a response like this, “Oh, I know that place. It’s delicious!” 

The name literally translates into “opening a small shop at the street corner at the age of 30.” The shop owner, Chiu Chieh-Wei, is from Taipei. He hoped to start his own business at age 30, preferably a place with mountains and sea to open a shop. With that, he began to explore various types of eateries systematically, experiencing management models and processes to see which suited him best. Ultimately, he decided on breakfast. 

“Breakfast is easier for non-catering professionals like me to start with, and it allows more room for R&D as well,” says Chiu. His entrepreneurial journey was well thought-out, not a spur-of-the-moment decision. Then came the task of finding a location. Since it was just him and his wife, “anywhere outside of Taipei would do.” But plans never keep up with changes as his wife became pregnant, they ended up in his wife’s hometown—Lukang. 

After returning to Lukang, they spent a month finding a location and two months preparing. They quickly started selling breakfast at the corner of Jiuqu Lane. With no similar shops adjacent and generous portions made from quality ingredients, they quickly made a name for themselves as a breakfast option for locals. Chiu soon noticed, “The town has a stable population with close-knit relationships. It seems like everyone knows each other, and word of new shops spreads fast.” So, he was particularly mindful about every detail. 

The charcoal-grilled aroma quickly brought in good business. After four years of hard work, the couple-ran business expanded to accommodate employees. They achieved their goals of starting up a business and relocating. More importantly, Chiu felt that leaving the city reduced their material needs, thereby allowing them to enjoy life more. In 2022, GALABENSA opened a branch on Lucao Road to provide more employment opportunities and encourage youth to stay in their hometown. Thus, another breakfast shop popped up in a corner of Lukang, showcasing the young generation’s love for their hometown through charcoal-grilled toast. 

However, managing two shops simultaneously brought great pressure, especially with insufficient manpower. To maintain quality, they had to focus on one store. Hence, they made the difficult decision to close the original corner shop and concentrate on running the Lucao store. 

Now, the spacious Lucao store is no longer a small corner shop. With ample parking and a comfortable dining space for families, it appeals to a diverse clientele. The bustling business proves that the dedication to maintaining food quality is the key to sustainable operation.

This article is from the Lukang Chronicle II: Lukang Renaissance.

Lukang Chronicle II: Lukang Renaissance is a local magazine from Lukang, documenting the growth and transformation of the Kids from Lukang and their local business partners over the past six years. Stemming from the concept of environmentally friendly festivals, the initiative has crossed paths with many young people who have returned or moved to Lukang to live and start businesses. This collective effort has enriched contemporary life in Lukang. On the foundation of the town’s nostalgia and traditions, a lifestyle unique to the new generation has flourished



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